Adam is Bruno’s nephew. He shined to be an artist since he was young. He was the winner in drawing when he was a little boy and he love and learns to create any art pieces by himself and also have learned from the professional as well. Bruno has seen his talent and brought him to work with him in 2009. Since then, he realizes that he has found his own place.

Tattoo artist Adam


I’m interested in Arts, especially drawing. In year 2005, I have a chance to work with the most famous tattoo shop in Phuket. I have learned all techniques and how to make a professionally tattoo. After that, I became a freelancer until I met Joey and associated with Bruno in 2009.

Tattoo artist Mint


Joey had moved from Bangkok after he graduated in Bachelor of Arts and design. He has a lot of experiences in tattoo. He is still growing on in this path.

Tattoo artist Joey


An and Bruno are good friends.

An is from Bangkok, and has graduated in Art.

An has 10 years experience as a tattoo artist.

Tattoo artist An


Mr.Mong has enjoyed drawing since he was at a young age, once he turned the age of 20 he developed an interest in tattoo and also took an interest in studying the art of tattoo by himself. In 2008 his older brother witnessed a lot of his drawings and picture sketches and then adviced him to meet Mr.An. In the next 3 years he took it upon himself to practice and learn the technique of tattoo art. Mong strives to be an excellent tattoo artist. Now Mong works at Aussine Tattoo Studio which has been open since 2012 and operated by Mr. Bruno.

Tattoo artist Mong