• How to transfer tattoo stencil.

    How to transfer tattoo stencil

    There are two main options for transferring a drawing or pattern to the body. In large tattoo salons for this purpose use a thermal printer. This is a big and expensive piece of equipment, of course, there is no need to have it at home. There are more simple options for how to transfer the tattoo stencil on the skin. To do this you have to learn how to use transfer paper. The principle of transferring any graphic with transfer paper is not complicated. First, the pattern, the inscription, the sketch is applied to the paper itself (by transfer or printing). Then the paper with the finished image is pressed…

  • how to practice tattoo.

    How to practice tattoo?

    The profession of a tattoo artist presupposes drawing abilities, good color perception, eye gaze, fine motor skills, and creativity. If you plan to beat simple tattoos, it is not necessary to know how to draw. For professional art tattoos, it is necessary. No stencil will help to make the coloring, for outlining you need a well-placed hand. In addition, in-demand high-paying artists themselves draw sketches. The starting set of equipment Tattoo machines.┬áComparatively inexpensive equipment for beginners – Bilder coil and rotor machines. It is important to pick up the type under the style of a tattoo. Coil models have more potential – they are ideal for contour, and procreation, and…

  • tattoo restoration.

    Tattoo Restoration

    Tattoo restoration is a service with which artists of the salon AUSSINE TATTOO PHUKET have to deal with quite often. Someone comes to us with outright horror, made by incomprehensible “artist”, apparently self-made machines and pigments based on gel paste. Someone’s body is quite a decent job, in need of minimal updating of colors and contours. Regardless of the severity of the situation, we are ready to take on the renovation with full respect for safety rules. Let’s understand why tattoos need restoration in general, how this process happens, and what you should be prepared for. WHY IS RESTORATION NECESSARY? The most common reasons are as follows: Natural aging. The…