tattoo restoration.

Tattoo Restoration

Tattoo restoration is a service with which artists of the salon AUSSINE TATTOO PHUKET have to deal with quite often. Someone comes to us with outright horror, made by incomprehensible “artist”, apparently self-made machines and pigments based on gel paste. Someone’s body is quite a decent job, in need of minimal updating of colors and contours. Regardless of the severity of the situation, we are ready to take on the renovation with full respect for safety rules. Let’s understand why tattoos need restoration in general, how this process happens, and what you should be prepared for.


The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Natural aging. The tattoo can be called a part of our body, so it is also subject to aging. Under the influence of external factors the colors fade, the shades are not happy with their original saturation. Contours tend to blur and fine details tend to get lost. On average, it is recommended to renew the pattern every 5 years, but the exact period is always individual because it depends on the characteristics of the body. Some people have to go to the salon every 3 years, and some – much less, and this period has nothing to do with the initial quality of the work or pigments. Even the best paint can burn out in 3 years. There is, however, a direct correlation to UV exposure. On the skin of tan fans, tattoos fade faster than others, as sunlight is their main enemy.
  • Mistakes of the artist. Clients often come to us with a similar problem. The inexperienced artist can traumatize the skin too much, making mistakes with the depth of pigment introduction, due to which the final pattern appears unevenly painted, the contours in certain places will blur. To achieve the perfect look, the correction does not interfere.
  • Mistakes in the care process. The professionalism of the tattooist is only half the success. To maintain the original saturation and brightness of the colors, clarity, and accuracy of the contours, you also need to make certain efforts, to follow the recommendations for care, designated by the tattoo artist. Did not use ointments, untimely bandage changes, going to the sauna, and playing sports? Well, then don’t be surprised that the ornament doesn’t look the way you would like it to and needs to be corrected.
  • Loss of relevance. Sometimes it happens that the tattoo no longer reflects your inner world; the image stopped liking you, it seems dull; you want something new and unusual. In this case, the restoration will help, which can be based on the addition of new details or the complete reworking of the sketch.


It all depends on the features of the particular case and the wishes of the client. The price is also calculated individually. If we talk about the stages of the work, they look as follows:

  • Restoration of the contour. It is noteworthy that the new line is not in the center of the old, but close to it from the outer side. This approach makes it possible to completely mask the traces of the old line and create a new, even, bright and precise contour. The old line remains visible, but it perfectly harmonizes with the new contour, looks like its shadow.
  • Restoration of color saturation, smoothness, and beauty of shadows, shadows, tonal transitions. Again, our artists work so that to use the traces of the old tattoo with maximum benefit. We use also some professional secrets, in particular, the white dye which though almost invisible on the skin gives the possibility to hide imperfections of an old pattern with a high degree of efficiency, to level small deformations.


after tattoo restoration.


To let you see with your own eyes what results can be achieved by professional restoration, we offer you a collection of photos. The appearance of the body ornament captured before and after the session visually reflects what meticulous work the tattoo artists of the AUSSINE TATTOO PHUKET salon do to make an initially unsuccessful tattoo look stylish, bright, and colorful!